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multiple-master demo


(This should appear as an animated gif in your browser. If it does, read more below. If it does not, go back to the Mac download page.)

This should be animated.

What you see above is a poor representation of what can be done with the multiple-master technology which Adobe developed. This animated gif shows just one typeface, but that typeface can change style and weight. If you have a copy of Adobe's Type Creator program and a recent version of Adobe's Type Manager (which is given away free with their Acrobat Reader), you can play with the technology using the font illustrated above. Just click on the picture and you can download it.

If you are confused at what you are seeing, watch each letter. It will change style then weight then style then weight, bringing it back to where it started. The typeface was made out of several different typefaces, so the S and M, for example, do not match up well. That was intended--this is a demo font that was never meant to be useful. It illustrates a few of the two dozen of so multiple-master fonts (Macintosh format only) which are available on the No-Hype Type CD.) For more information about multiple-master fonts, download this one by clicking on the image above and read the documentation.

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